The Beautifully Imperfect IG Live Sale

The Beautifully Imperfect IG Live 14 July 2022 8:30pm 50% off all beautifully imperfect items


Tune into our Instagram Live on 14 July 2022 at 8:30pm as we unleash our biggest sale yet for 2022.

Enjoy 50% off ALL the Beautifully Imperfect items that are shown during the one-hour IG Live.

What are Beautifully Imperfect Items?

They are items which are in excellent useable condition but sadly have some imperfections. Imperfections include:

  • Display pieces - dust and dirt 
  • Minor scratch
  • Minor dent
  • Spots and minor stains
  • Uneven leather 
  • Limited edition pieces from the UK which has never been sold in Singapore before.
  • Jewellery box lids with the wrong personalisation

How do I buy them?

Here is a step-by-step guide to prepare you for your purchase on our IG Live on 14 July 2022.

  1. All our Beautifully Imperfect Items will be going for 50% off on our IG Live.

  2. Each item is labelled with a code.

  3. During the LIVE, we will be presenting one item at a time. We will highlight the imperfections for the item, share with you the before and after prices, and finally tell you the item code.

  4. To order, simply comment with the code in the LIVE after each item introduction. Do not DM us to buy.

  5. Purchase is by a first-comment-first-serve basis on our screen. As there may be a difference in internet speed, we will be looking at the first person who commented with the code on our screen.

  6. After the IG Live, we will send a DM to everyone who has commented for payment details. Do note that back-outs are strongly discouraged and the user will not be allowed to participate in the next IG Live.

  7. Should there be a back-out, we will reach out to the second person who commented with the item code.

  8. We will send the item within 3-5 working days after the payment is made.

Some items that you can expect at the IG Live


1. How do I order on IG Live?

Please refer to the section "How do I buy them" above.

2. Can I exchange or refund if I do not like the item I bought?

We are sorry but you are not able to. Items bought during the IG Live sale are not refundable nor exchangeable for cash or other products.

3. How will the items be packed?

We will try to pack them back in their original packaging as much as possible. In event that we do not have the original packaging anymore, we will still pack them carefully and handle them with love.

4. Can I add personalisation?

Yes of course you can! Personalisation is charged at $28 for up to 3 initials.

5. Can I order more than once?

Of course you can! But do take note that the sale is by a first-comment-first-served basis. The first person who commented the item code on our screen will get to purchase the item.

6. Do I get the free luggage tag if I spend $100 and above?

Yes you do! :)

7. What payment mode do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master, Amex, PayNow, and Atome.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Beautifully Imperfect IG Live Sale will start on 14 July 2022 at 8:30PM at Stackers Singapore Instagram Account.

  2. All the items listed in the IG Live are at least 50% off. They come with imperfections but are still in excellent usable condition. 

  3. Purchase of each item is by a first-comment-first-served basis on Stackers Singapore screen.

  4. Back outs are strongly discouraged in our IG Live so please only comment when you are very sure that you want the item.

  5. Payment for the item is to be made within 3 hours upon issuance of invoice. If payment has not been received after 3 hours, the item will be available for purchase for the second person who commented.

  6. Items in the IG Live cannot be reserved.

  7. Once sold, they are not exchangeable for other items or cash.

  8. Buyers acknowledge that the item they are buying from this IG Live comes with imperfection that may or may not be articulated to them in the IG Live.

  9. Stackers Singapore and AGVA Singapore Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate the above mentioned event without any prior notice.

  10. If you have any query on any of the above, please email for further information.