Jewellery Brand Feature: Embrace Jewellery

Jewellery Brand Feature: Embrace Jewellery

As a brand which promotes organising jewellery beautifully, we are often blessed with the gratification of seeing beautiful sparkles in Stackers Jewellery Boxes when our customers’ tagged us in pictures.

So, we thought that we could also share this joy with all of you by collaborating with selected jewellery brands for exclusive deals and giveaways on our Instagram from now till the end of the year! We also hope that in this challenging period when retail businesses are largely affected, we could help to lift each other up through these collabs to promote and create brand awareness for each other. :)

The first jewellery brand to grace this series is Embrace Jewellery. We love their wide range of exquisite and unique jewellery pieces AND how they looked so lovely resting in our Stackers Jewellery Box. ;)

We chatted with Shareen, the founder of Embrace Jewellery, to find out more about the brand, what “organising beautifully” means to her, and her plans for Embrace in this Covid season.


Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your brand?

Hi, I'm Shareen Wong, founder of Embrace Jewellery. Embrace Jewellery is a multi-label store with our own house brand The Embrace Collection. We also feature other unique brands from all over the world with a focus on Spain and Italy. Our jewellery is chic, unique and affordable. Quality pieces that you'll want to wear on repeat. Most of the pieces are made of precious metals like sterling silver and gold and features gemstones and freshwater pearls.

When I'm not busy running the business, I host a Sunday lunch show on Class 95FM from 10am-2pm.

Why did you decide to start Embrace Jewellery?

It was after a solo round the world trip back in 2008 when I wanted to challenge myself to try something different from radio. Also I felt while there were many jewellery brands, there wasn't a brand in the market that featured well crafted, subtle, chic pieces that didn't break the bank.

So what makes Embrace Jewellery special and set apart from the rest?

I believe we have one of the WIDEST range of quality jewellery in Singapore. We believe that women love a variety of styles when it comes to jewellery and fashion. Why should we be limited to just 1 style in a store? Also customers have commented that our pieces are beautifully crafted and made to last.

We understand that you work with various jewellery designers and manufacturers from the world over. How do you select the jewellery brands to work with?

We always look out for something unique, yet chic and wearable. No point that the piece is unique but you need to find an occasion to wear it. We believe when you buy jewellery its meant to be worn and admired, not to be stored away waiting for a special day. Therefore all the pieces featured are wearable, unique, elegant and affordable.

What does "organising beautifully" mean to you?

 Knowing where each piece fits (and being able to find it of course).

What do you like about the Stackers Jewellery Box?

Embrace Jewellery x Stackers Singapore

I love that they are chic, understated and very practical.

What's next for Embrace Jewellery?

Our Insta Live sessions have been so much fun and a great way to connect with our community of women! So we've now introduced a regular Wednesday Wine & Jewellery Club every fortnight. This is where we share jewellery tips and FAB jewellery deals during the sessions. This has been a tough year for everyone, and the bright spark is that with technology, we can continue to stay in touch and make it fun for everyone.


Follow Embrace Jewellery on their IG: @embracejewellery to take part in their IG Live sessions and be updated on their latest promotions and new arrivals! Till our next feature :)