Mother's Day Feature with Dr Jade Kua

Mother's Day Feature with Dr Jade Kua

"Mothers — to the world you are a mother; but to your family, you are the world."

For Mother’s Day this month, we spoke with Dr Jade Kua, a paediatric emergency specialist and mama to 3 teenagers and 3 toddlers. She shared how she put in the time and effort to be with her children amidst her busy work schedule. Be it reading manga together with her sons, co-writing a mindfulness book, Good Night Marion, together with her daughters, or just being silly together with them, Dr Jade personifies what it means to be there with and for her children.

Of course, we also asked how she uses Stackers to organise her jewellery beautifully :)

Read till the end to find out Dr Jade’s advice to all mommies out there. To all our beloved mothers reading this, you are so loved and celebrated, beautiful mommies!

Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers Mother's Day Interview

I work in the health and wellness industry. I’m a critical care front-liner in a public hospital. Aside from that I have a few small businesses focusing on holistic wellness.  I run a life coaching practice, author books on mindfulness, design sleepwear and have a skincare line — Straits Skincare.

What is your experience like being a Mom? 

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

I have 3 small kids and 3 adult stepchildren. The experience is different with every child.

How do you juggle between work and taking care of your children? 

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

Most of my small businesses I run from home. As far as possible I host meetings at home or online. So I do get to see my children enough to supervise their schoolwork and to hang out with them. It’s only my shift work at the hospital that takes priority over all else.

What does "organising beautifully" mean to you?

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

It means I have a peace of mind.

What do you like about our Stackers Jewellery Box?

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

I love organising my jewellery according to gems. The Stackers Jewellery Box has many compartments. The exterior is also calming.

How do you typically overcome your parenting challenges?

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

I talk with my kids a lot so we come up with plans collaboratively.

What is your favourite activity to do with your child?

Dr Jade Kua - Stackers mother's day Interview

Draw manga or watch anime!

Lastly, do you have any advice or encouragement for all mommies out there? :)

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, whether it is a professional coach like myself, or your friends and family. We all need support from time to time.


You can also learn more about Dr Jade life coaching practice here at

Thank you Dr Jade for agreeing to do this interview!