#MyStackerSG Organising Challenge: Organise your Jewellery in 4 Easy Steps

#MyStackerSG Organising Challenge: Organise your Jewellery in 4 Easy Steps

By Joann Li

Hi everyone! We hope that everyone is adjusting well in this time and period. It can be disheartening to know that the circuit breaker has been extended till 1 June, but we take heart that we are all safe and we get to stay home.

In light of this extension, we at Stackers Singapore have been thinking what we can do to make your staying home fun! So, starting from today, we will begin on this journey with everyone to clear clutter and create calm in our lives with our 36 days #MyStackersSG Organising Challenge.

MyStackersSG Organising Challenge 2020

Every 4 days, we will have a new organising project for you to try and attempt. So if you are so done with making #dalgonecoffee or making banana cakes or working out online, come join us in this challenge! Share with us your before and after photos by tagging us @stackerssingapore and hashtag #mystackerssg so that we can see your organising wins! 

We are kickstarting this challenge with something we are already very familiar with: organising jewellery! Let's start with these 4 easy steps to organise our jewellery:

1. Take out everything

This is the first step to every organising project. We start by taking out all our jewellery and putting them together. Doing this not only helps us to be more efficient in organising, it also allows us to take stock of we have (to our shock and amazement) and declutter if need be.


2. Sort and Sort Again

Stackers Singapore how to organise your jewellery

Once we have everything in front of us, it is time to bring out the sorting hat and sort these jewellery into their respective houses ala Harry Potter style. However this time, the houses they go to are named: KEEP, GIVE, THROW, MAYBE.

You can either sort using the Marie Kondo method: take each piece of jewellery and put it at your heart. If it sparks joy, keep. If it doesn’t, give or throw.

 Or you can sort your jewellery by thinking back on the last time you have worn them. If you had not worn a particular jewellery for more than a year, it is likely that you will not be wearing them in the next 1-2 years too. Consider putting them in the GIVE, THROW or MAYBE pile.

After we are done with sorting them into their houses, we then proceed to sort the jewellery that are in the KEEP house into their respective type: necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets, and the likes. You can even break it down further into ear studs, chunky necklaces, and etc.


3. Compartmentalise


After all that tiring work of sorting, it is time for the fun part! Follow this rule “A place for everything and everything in its place”

The key to this step is to get actual compartments, if you don’t already have one. They can be drawer inserts or jewellery boxes or different trays and holders for your jewellery. Being totally biased, we are of course recommending you our Stackers Jewellery Boxes to organise your jewellery beautifully. There’s also this amazing stay-at-home sale happening right now where everything is 15% off.

After you have your compartments ready, put the neatly sorted jewellery in the KEEP house into their separate compartments, with dividers to mark out each section. The purpose of this is to give each jewellery piece a place to go home to after a day out.


4. Store Similar Items Together

Stackers Jewellery Boxes - how to organise your jewellery efficiently

A bonus tip: Have a system where you can find your jewellery pieces easily every time. For us, we like to put similar items together so that means necklace with necklace and earrings with earrings. Necklaces with earrings in the same compartment will often create confusion for us. We also will space out our jewellery pieces too so that we can see each item easily. It is human’s tendency to wear the jewellery that they can see often. Organising them in this way also creates chances to rediscover new favourites!

We hope that these 4 steps have been helpful in your jewellery organisation! Use this next four days to start organising your jewellery beautifully if you haven’t. Share with us your before and after photos by tagging us @stackerssingapore and hashtag #mystackerssg. We look forward to seeing you joining us in this challenge and sharing your organising wins with us!