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      Beautifully Imperfect - we have items which have minor imperfections on them which deem them unfit for sale but they are still is excellent usable condition. Some of these items were once display/ sample pieces. Some had minor spots and scratches on them. Others could be wrongly personalised initials.

      Instead of throwing them away, we are offering members a 70% discount during this Moving Out Sale period.

      Give these items a second chance in life and bring them home with you :)

      Please note the terms and conditions below when purchasing the beautifully imperfect items:

      1. As much as we can, we will highlight the imperfections in the photos and descriptions of each item. However, there may be some imperfections which we are not able to see.

      2. Beautifully imperfect items are not valid for exchange or refunds. 

      3. We will try as much as we can to pack the items back in their original packaging. But in event when we do not have the item's original packaging, we will still pack them safely for delivery in other packaging.